Web Development

Stuff we made for the general public

  • Tic-tac-toe
    Play against the computer, with a configurable difficulty level.
  • Tetris
    Play russian style
  • Musical Playlists
    Easily create music playlists and play them endlessly.
  • Baza.gr
    Share and discuss your thoughts at the forum of the Baza.gr portal. (greek)
  • Economy simulation
    Play a simple economics simulation, and tamper with its parameters.
  • Confess
    Confess your sins electronically, to seek absolution. (greek)

Stuff we made for developers

  • perlmodules.net
    Track changes to your favorite Perl modules through RSS and/or email notifications for free.
  • XML::MyXML
    A very simple way to parse and create XML documents in Perl.